In order to get the best possible results, we must achieve an ambient room temperature of 122-160°F for a minimum of 2 hours. Because bed bugs can lay their eggs anywhere, under no circumstances should anything be removed from the treatment area and/or structure. All items must go through the heat process unless thoroughly inspected and/or disinfected. In the unlikely event that any items in the room are damaged, Company cannot be held responsible. 

Please prepare the room(s) in the following manner:

• Gather heat sensitive items as indicated below and place in a designated  “heat sensitive” area that is has not been infected by bed bugs (ex. kitchen table). Items should be arranged and sorted in non infected containers (ex. laundry baskets, storage totes, etc.).

Heat Sensitive Items:

The tenant or property owner should take care to box, bag, and group the following items together which are in the treatment area whenever possible.

Candles, wax, crayons, lipstick, and other meltable cosmetics
Aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, cigarette lighters and other combustable items
☐ Plastic, Vinyl, or Faux wood window blinds
☐ Medicines and vitamins
☐ Photographs in open areas
☐ TV’s, Gamings Systems, Computers (towers & modems), unplugged and disconnected
☐ Soft vinyl items (example: vinyl records)
☐ Arts and Craft items that are assembled with hot glue
☐ Musical instruments (may de-tune due to expansion and contraction)
☐ Oil paintings, acrylics (art work), paintings, and pictures                                                                                                                                                              ☐ Laminate furniture i.e. “IKEA” furniture
☐ Antique furniture with finish or fragile glue points
☐ Fresh fruits and vegetables, chocolates, carbonated beverages, wines, liquors, artificial sweeteners.

In lieu of removal, small items may be placed in the refrigerator or out of heat treatment area.

**Note: It is the Customer’s responsibility to be knowledgable of and protect Fire Sprinklers Systems and/or Heat Sensors located within the treatment area.

Special Instructions for Window Blinds: Plastic, Vinyl, or Faux wood window blinds have a very low heat tolerance. We recommend they be washed with hot, soapy water before removing them from the room. If the blinds are in place when the technician arrives we will assume that you wish them to be treated with the rest of the items in the room.

Re-Entry Procedures: Upon re-entry into the treatment area, the tenant(s) or property owner(s) should have a newly laundered change of clothes and bed linens ready to mitigate any chance of re-infestation. Any clothes that were removed/worn should be immediately laundered in both high heat wash and dry cycles before returned inside the structure.